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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 18

Hey Everyone! I have a little bit of time left! I just got back from playing some futbol, and dang the people we were playing with were tough haha but I'm getting a little better :P 

And sorry if I don't get to all your emails today! 

So I got a joke for you guys haha 

So a Crazy Chilean, a short Mexican, and a Tall White Cracker walk past a, Black and racist, dog. Who gets attacked by the racist black dog?? 
The tall white cracker of course. Them black dogs don't like them white crackers hahahaha 

Yeah I can say I've been attacked by a dog now. He was pretty good sized too haha he just ran up and went all football americano on me, almost knocking me down. I don't know why he didn't sink his teeth into my leg, cuz he easily could have shredded my leg haha But I won't complain about him not chewing my leg! After he ran into me, he just was barking and snarling, And I just sat there and starred fear in the face haha Felipe (the short mexican) Ran up and chased the dog a little bit, and then I did too haha but there were people watching the whole thing (probably the dog's owner) And so we didn't want to get after the dog too much, cuz everyone here is super animal rightist.
And I keep seeing that black dog everywhere! It's sitting outside the door of the internet Cafe I'm in right now. 
it's everywhere 0.O 
So yeah that was fun! 

And hope you guys had a good Valentines day!! Cuz mine was the most whackface day ever! 
I'll tell you of one thing that happened haha 
So I teach english classes on saturdays, and one of my Students is a 15 year old girl. She's super good at english, and is pretty much fluent. 
She's been studying english for 10 years now. 
And so after the class she said happy valitines day, and gave me a donut! I was super happy about that! I didn't think it really meant much cuz the people here are pretty generous with food. But after the donut, she gave me a letter.... and in my mind, I'm like ooooooooohhhhhh ccrrrrrrraaaaaaappp. 
And after that she gave my comp a donut, but not a letter. And then I was like ooohhhh hhhhoooolllyyy ccrrrraaaaaapppp. 
We said good by, my comp and I started walking to our house, and I read the letter.... and I was like.... 
NO MACHES!!!!! PORQUE YO!?!?!?! 
I told my comp about the letter and he's like oooooooohhhhhh craaaaaapppp. 
We translated it so he could understand, and then he was like oooooohhhhh hoooooolllllyyyy cccrrraaaappp!
We had to call President Hall, and tell him. I almost got transferred areas, cuz when a girl like a missionary here in mexico, it's a problem. 
President said I could stay here, but if I get a second letter, I'm leaving the next day hahaha 

And girls back at home, don't worry, I'm a missionary. So nothing will happen hahaha 
(But please try not to kill eachother when I get back :P )

The letter pretty much said I'll wait for you. 
And that the spirit I bring can be felt kilometers away. 
and I'm like yeah I'm sure it's not the spirit you're feeling girl haha 
So yeah that was my Valentines! 

Another quick story here is that absolutely no one has Root beer!!!! 
I was in walmart one day eating a hambuger from burger king (which was nasty) 
And there was also a KFC. And in California, KFC is known for their Root Beer, but here it doesn't exist!!!! NNOOO!! 
I asked them, but they didn't know what it was, and eventually the entire staff was at the front counter, trying to figure out what I wanted. But then I saw a tiny list of Sodas that they had, and there wasn't any root beer, so I said oh okay, bye! and sadly walked away with no root beer... 
But apparently they have it in Cualtipec, which is one of the most dangerous areas in the Mission. So yeah I'm hoping I go there, so I can get some root beer! 

and I had planned on sharing a spiritual story with you guys, but I gtg now, so next week! 
Love you all and Keep being awesome! Have a great  week! Love you! 
-Elder Elkins

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