Come unto Him!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 27

Hey guys out of time again! But I wanted to say I love you guys! (Even though that sounds super fruity) hahahaha 
But yeah still alive here, only got electrocuted once this week, but will probably get electrocuted again this week haha

Anyways, thank you all for being my friends and writting me! sorry if I didn't get to all of you again.... I have to do reports now which eats up time like crazy... 
But yeah thanks for writting me! and I look forward to partying with all of you when I get home, but for now I got work to do, and people to help!! Have a great week! Love you guys! Keep being awesome

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 26

dang!! I only have 10 minutes to write this!! President will ring my neck if I go over time! haha so this will be fast!! 

quick funny story here, I got electrocuted twice today!!!!!! hahahaa 

So we ran out of gas this week for the boiler. So we've been heating up water in buckets with an electric coil for heating up water, but nobody told me that they're dangerous! haha 

so the water in the bucket this morning was heating up, and so I went to feel the water to see if it was good. Like I have in the past. But in the past my feet were dry. But today my feet were wet! and guess what happened! hahaha Yep I felt the electric current corse through my arm this morning hahaha it was a good thing I was able to pull my arm out of it!! lol but yeah that was pretty funny! 

and the second time today:
So we're on the roof of our building, washing our clothes in a washer that our neighbors let us use. Our neighbor lives on the top floor, so we started talking to her, and it turns out her husband has a flash light that's a taser!!! hahaha she got it for us so we could check it out. It's super sweet!! Until your companion tazes you!!! hahah so yeah 2 times in one day lol 

I was also on a bus today. and our bus driver got mad at another bus driver, and so he get's out and starts yelling at the other bus driver. Then our bus driver gets on the other bus, and almost hits the guy, so the other dude grabs a bat, and so our bus driver gets out and grabs a big rock ready to kill the dude hahaha crazy people here lol nothing really happened other than that haha there's quite a few crazy people here lol I don't know why all the drunk and high people want to talk to the wero in enlgish, even when they don't know anything at all hahah 

so somehting spiritual for today. 
This week I decided I'm just going to go crazy with the pass along cards we have a the ressurected Jesus Christ!! Because he's not dead!!!! 
I'm so sick of all the people here always going crazy about their stautes of a dead Christ! The bible says directly that Christ has Ressurected!! He is our Living Savior!! I know that for a fact. If Christ was dead, we wouldn't be here, and there would be no hope for mankind. Christ isn't on the Cross, he's in the heavens, watching over us, caring for us, strengthaning us. yes the death of Christ is very very important, but that doesn't mean that we should only worship a dead Christ. He's living.
I know to some people, they like to remeber his death and his great sacrifice for us. That's great! But my heart is pained so deeply when I only see My savior, and redeemer, my Lord, my King, and my very dear Friend, Dead, on the cross, covered in blood. 
He is alive. Why can't the people here see that?  
But that's why I'm here, I'm here as a missionary of Jesus Christ, sharing the message of the Living Christ. 
I have to go now, but it is my burning testimony that Christ Lives. 
And I say these things in the name of our Living Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 25

Hey everyone!!!

Dang why does time go by so dang fast when you're emailing?? haha

But yeah another interesting week here in Mexico!!

First off want to say that General conference was great!! Even though I
couldn't understand any of it!! haha
we watched it in the Church building with the ward, and so they had it all
translated into Spanish! And so yeah I had a hard time with that haha

For those of you who may not know, General Conference is a worldwide
broadcast of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints!
we have a conference every 6 months, and every time, it's such a great
experience! even if you don't understand it! haha
During Conference, a number of Apostles speak to the world, and the Prophet
speaks to the world as well!!

Every conference is a great opportunity to find answers about the gospel,
and even just life in general, and the people who speak are truly people of
God, and the only testify, and speak of the truth!!
The Church has a website:

If you want to know more about what Mormons believe, all the conference
sessions are on that website, each message applies to different situations
that people have in life, and are always inspiring, uplifting, and
comforting, and healing.

I invite all of you to listen to the Words of our Loving Father in heaven,
through the words of the Prophets :)

anyways, now time for some funny stories haha

So yeah I like got super fat in the MTC, and in Arbolillo haha
My new area is La presa 1, and is one of the biggest areas in the entire
mission! it's all on the side of a mountain haha
if you been to san fransisco, in California, you know the mountains are
steep, so just imagine those steep mountains in San Fransisco, but only 10
times bigger!!! haha

But despite the fact that these mountains are bigger than those in san fran,
the mountains here are super small. Before my mission, I would be able to
get to the top in about 20 minutes, but here I'm like dead haha 6 months of
getting fat will do that to you lol

But man it feels so good to be doing some hiking again!! I miss it so

my first week here, My comp and I were on one side of our area, and we had
an appointment set with some one on the other side of our area, so we walk
down one mountain, and start walking up another. It was hot, I was all
sweaty, throat was dry, had a head ache, hard time breathing and my heart
was pounding (thanks to that MTC food) after about 45 minutes, we get to
the house where we had a few people to meet. a
and guess what, they weren't home -_-
Don't you love it when people don't keep commitments? haha

But I'm getting in shape now haha hiking, and climbing these mountains all
day fells great now!!!

And also here in Mexico city, it's all straight concrete. Like there's
absolutely not a single significant patch of open ground here, it's all
concrete. (I miss dirt haha)
And there's also a ton of little kids here. and the kids have figured out
that they can slide down the concrete roads on plastic water bottles haha
so that was fun to see lol but also sad that the only thing these kids have
here to play with, is just garbage they find in the street.
I've also been to a few homes that have only tin roofs, dirt floors, and no
food in the refrigerators...
So yeah my first area felt like Sacramento, but here it's like legit

there are also parts of my area, where the construction of the city
resembles a prison. Which I though was funny cuz there's a large number of
Mexicans in prison in California haha
(not to be racist at all)

But speaking of being rasist!!!!
My name has changed again here in mexico, before people would pronounce my
name in Spanish, but here they don't even try. They just say El Wero (weh-do)
(means Gringo)
I hear that all the time now!! I always hear, Wero, El wero, werito and WERO!!!
and people always want money from me -_- news flash to the world, not every
American is rich!! there are multiple people here who have a ton more money
than my family!! (there's a full on legit castle in my area)
but then again that might be because they're drug traffickers hhaha
but yeah people in this area are pretty racist haha

oh also something I though was pretty funny during conference was during
the Priesthood session (for men) of conference, you could see a bunch of
Shiny bald heads in the congregation hahahaha with the new camera angles
they use during conference you can see the people in the foyers, and it was
funny to see a bunch of spots of light in the conference center haha

Oh and also this past saturday was the Saturday of Glory!!! haha that's the
name of a party day for people here, lol any excuse to party right?
but on this day, people like to get other people wet with buckets of
water!! like you'll be walking in the street and random people will run up
and soak you!! haha my comp and I were careful to avoid that, cuz we were
in our suits for conference. one girl almost got us, but she decided not
to, when she saw our suits haha I told her thank you lol
but yeah it's just a fun game that everyone joins in here haha

But yeah another great week here!!! hope you guys had a great week too!!
sorry if I didn't get to reply to all of you.
Love you guys! Miss you too! we're gonna party like Mexicans when I get
home!! haha
Have a great week!

Elder Elkins