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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 17

Hey Everyone! 
I'm not sure how much time I have here, but I'll write until my comp is done doing computer work. 

So it's been a while since I've written and there have been a few things going on here that are legit! 

So first I'll start with a funny story, a few weeks ago at like 2:00 in the morning, we get a call from Filipe, (A person we've been working with here) 
And he's totally wasted!!! 
This is the Rough translation of mine, and Elder Cornejo
"Elder Cornejo! I'm a bad person! I'm at a party with Babes and tequila! Tell Elder Elkins that you should come! I need a friend!" 
NO MACHES Filipe! hahaha 
Yeah we were both little angry cuz he called at 2 in the morning, and we were tired the next day hahaha but yeah a funny story :P 

I also started teaching english Classes and those are always fun! And now a few people know how I feel haha But they're all fast learners! And it also helps that English is way easier than spanish! 
But I like it! And the classes help with my english! 

And if you don't know already the world is very very small when you're a mormon haha 
One of the Spanish teachers in the MTC is Hermono Wittiker, and it turns out that his Brother Elder Wittiker is here in the mission with me haha 
And There's also an Elder Newcomb here, and I asked him if he had a relative who served his mission in California, and yep! Turns out that his Cousin Who was Elder Newcomb served in the California Roseville mission and was in my area for a while hahaha 
So yeah no matter where you are in the world, you always have some connection with Mormons :P 

I've also Dicovered that it is really fun to translate Movie quotes 
For all you Monte Python and the Holy Grail, fans back at home, here's the quote of the french guy insulting the English haha 
Tu muy poco Cerebro, la persona que hace la limpieza de los traseros de otros personas tu padre fumando ElderBerry, y tu mama fue un hámster!!
My comp says that's all correct grammer and stuff,so feel free to confidently insult people in spanish haha 

And Did I mention how beautiful hevy metal is??? 
So it turns out one of my neighbors loves the Metal group Dragonforce!!! 
And like every other mexican here, he was blasting their music! The Album Heros of our time! 
I'll admit, I almost cried!! It created an emotion in me that I can't describe. 
He's right next door to us, so I could hear it loud and clear. 
I miss music a whole lot... But in 20 1/2 months I can blast some DragonForce! :D :D 

So many of you are asking whats going on in the mission, cuz I've made it very apparent that this mission is scwered up. And it is. But I don't want to waste my time writting about all the problems going on here haha 
This week I'm happy to report things are starting to look up! 
The bad missionaries have been sent home, and there's a new focus on the work here. 
We had a big trainer and trainee meeting this week, and President Hall said That the group that I came in with is going to be the group that changes this mission!! 
Which confirms my thoughts on the whole situation here. 
There's about 24 missionaries in my generation. And my MTC district makes up part of that. 
When I first found out that this mission was a wreck, the thought came to me, This is why God sent my MTC district here. And President Hall confirmed that. 
I know the people in my district and we're here the be obedient to God, and to work, and help people come unto Christ. That is why God sent us here. And President also said that God is ready and wants to bless this mission!! So it looks like things are going to be getting better here soon! 
But it has been a long proccess. Elder Allison who is my District leader came in about a year and a half ago, and that's when President came in too. So Elder Allison's generation was the group that started the change in the mission! And my group is going to keep it going, so I'm excited for that!! 

The past couple weeks, my comp and I have also been blessed greatly! 
A few weeks ago, we found a guy who is almost always drunk haha 
His name is Rafiel, and we kept running into him on the street, we got his address but we couldn't find his house. But we ran into him again, and then he showed us where he lived. 
And so one night my comp and I went on divisions with the members of the church here. I went with a 15 year old kid, who has quite a few problems in life, and my comp went with Benjamen, who is super awesome. 
Anyways Jorge and I went went to visit Rafiel, and it turns out that he has been prepared by God all of his life to recive the Gospel. The entire time Jorge and I were with him, he kept saying, when I'm with you guys, I feel something, I feel something different. When I visit your temple grounds, and your church buildings I feel it, it's my call. I feel my call! 

The Spirit of God was with us so strong! I told him that what he is feeling is the Spirit of God telling him, that there's something here, something for him!! 
He also told me that he has felt empty all of his life, and that everything he has tired didn't fill that void in him. 
So I told him that the message that we have will fill that empty feeling he has in his heart, and that what we have will help him so much in his life!! 

We have an appointment set with him tomorrow, where we're going to teaching about Jesus Christ and His Gospel!! 
All this has been done by the hand of God. We saw him by chance 4 times in the street and talked to him, before we were able to go to his house, and he also speaks perfect english! So I don't have the language barrier, and so I can just teach him, and help him! There's nothing holding us back, Rafiel is ready for Christ, and I'm ready to help him come unto Christ!! 
This is one of God's many mercies, and he loves and wants to bless all of us! 
And I can see that Clearly with Rafiel! 
I know that this is the True work of God here on the Earth, because if it wasn't God wouldn't have sent us to Rafiel. 

And I need to go now, hope all is well back at home! Love you guys! Have a great week, and May God be with you Always! :) 
-Elder Elkins 

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