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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 10

Hola Mi amigos!!
So sorry if there are missing letters in this email, I type too fast for his computer haha

 my email time got cut short yesterday cuz we had a district activity. So I'm writting this now!

 I'll tell you a Little more about mexico!!
You all have probably seen the Harry Potter Movie, with the crazy bus driver seen.
That is exactly what the buses here do. No regard for speed, and swerving around cars haha literally!
And the buses here get so full that people literally hang out the doors haha I haven't gotten the chance to do that, but I look forward to that day haha
And when you get off, you have about a 2 second window to do so, before the bus takes off.
I've had to jump once. But I stuck the landing!! I've Heard of other missionaries eating it when they jumped haha that would be funny to watch hahaha

Another thing here I realized, is that the dogs, not the people, are super racist!! haha
Whenever my comp and I walk past dogs that are behind a fence they always want to kill us!!
But I'll stand there and watch that same dog, and whenever a mexican walks by, the dog is totally Chill!! It's literally only my comp and I!! ANd it happens eveyday!!
and the people here let their dogs run free everywhere. And during the middle of Church, and dog came in and said hi haha
totally random, and pretty funny!!

This week, we also had our Ward christmas party! The mexicans here know how to party!
haha we had a musical performance, and then we had like 6 or 7 piñatas!! I was able t whack the last one!! it was super fun!!
I ended up knocking it down, and we couldn't put it back up, so we just dumped it on the ground, and The Bishop here is pretty fun, he ran up and laid down on the Candy to keep it from the pack of wild niños, and so me, Elder Cornejo and a few other hemonos all dog piled on the bishop!! it was super funny! I wish we got it on video haha

So my district activity last night was Christmas Caroling!
We went to a house of a family here, and the mother, and a few of her sons were home, 2 of her sons are pretty Young, probably around 5 or 6.
so we sang to the mother who was standing outside with us, and then we were talking to her, and one of her Young sons jumped out the door completely naked and yelled someting in spanish that I didn't understand. Then he ran back inside  hahahaha I'm still laughing about it :P And the sister missionaries were with us too, and they were a Little  embarrassed when they saw that haha super funny!!

anyways we continued to talk to he Mother, and she stated crying because her father is in the hospital with cáncer. She thanked us a lot helping her feel loved and cared about.
And after her,went when to a Widows home, and sang silent night, she started crying too. And thanked us a lot as well for helping her feel loved, and cared for. She lives alone with her 6 dogs. And was sad because her daughter who was living with her, isn't living with he anymore.
Out of the hundreds of people we could have visited here, God guided us to the 2 who needed it most. I'm grateful that my father in heaven guided us to his daughters who needed it the most.
I also went on splits with My zone Leader Elder Allison this week too.
and went to go meet with a lady who almost got baptized. She had all the lessons, knew the doctrin, and knew that this is God's Church on earth. And the week of her baptism, she just dropped it all, and the missionaries haven't been able to meet with her, for 4 months. But the day I was with Elder Allison, she let us in her house. Allison wispered to me, it was a miracle!! it truly was! we shared the video about Christmas, He is the Gift. (if you haven't seen it go watch it right now!!!) And then at the end, we asked her tp pray.
As soon as she started, she started crying. Her brother has been in the hospital, and she has an broken heart because she is worried about her brother who has serious injuries from a crash.
My fiends, I testify to you that prayer is real, and that God loves each of us, and hears our prayers.
When this sister started praying, I know that God was communicatng to her and that she felt his love. I have felt his love. and he wants all of us to feel his love. It's an amazing thing, and if you truly want to feel it,all you have to do is ask, with real intent, having faith in Christ. God is always watching us, and wants to help and comfort us in all things. All have to do is ask in prayer, and then let him help us. 
And prayer so easy my 3 year od sister can do it.
Just adress our heavenly father, express your feeligs, ad the desires of your Heart, and close in the name of Christ.

it's that easy, and it's real!!
But I gtg now, time to get to work.
have a great week!! Love you guys!!
Merry Christmas!!
-Elder Elkins

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