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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 11

Man oh man where too begin, this is always the problem of emailing haha

I guess with fútbol! 
Just got back from playing with everyone, and dang there were a ton of people today! haha 
and they were tough too! I barely had any ball time! 
But I did manage to score 2 goals today! And I'm getting better! 
I forgot to tell you guys last week that I scored 3 goals!! Super awesome! 
And I discovered I'm pretty good at stealing the ball. I can never keep it, cuz I'm just not able to control the ball like they do here, (it's insane how good they are at that) 
But I'm able to kick the ball out of their control pretty good! 
I don't think they really like it though cuz I just keep doing ithaha Sometimes I just feel like a crazy dog, chasing the ball,cuz where ever the ball is, I am too haha. And I've notice some of them try to get rid of the ball as soon as they seen me coming haha but its the only thing I'm somewhat good at, so I just stick with it haha 
But today was an off day for in soccer, so I didn't get as many steals, and the people we played with today are super good! Its pretty cool though, there's a community soccer field here, and the teams are just groups of friends who play against other groups of friends. My team is usually missionaries and Members of the church in our area, and the other teams are groups of friends that know each other. But they're all super chill here, no one has every gotten mad, and everyone plays fair! Even when someone gets hurt, no one gets mad like in the professional league haha 
and last week I got hit in the face pretty good, and my vision went blurry for a few moments, but unlike the professional players who are babies about everything, I took it like a man and kept on playing! hahaha 

And another thing I forgot to mention last week was I went on splits with my zone leader Elder Allison, (who is super awesome!! and Possibly the best missionary in the mission) 
I stayed the night over at his apartment, and we taught a few people that night. 
In the morning, we taught another person too! He was super awesome! 
Everything we said made sense to him, and he accepted all of it right away, and wanted to be baptised!!! 
Super awesome dude! Oh and I should mention, that he's a rubber Chicken haha
yeah you read that right, a rubber chicken!! 
It was just practice teaching,cuz esponol is super hard, so Elder Allsion helped me practice teaching in spanish, and so we taught a rubber chicken hahaha 

My teachers in the mtc saidspanish is the easiest language to learn. Sorry Hermano Rios (who gets my emails too) but I don't think that's the case haha
In spanish "to know" is "Saber" 
in english there's just 3 different forms of Know -Know, Knew, and Known. 
But in spanish I counted 34 different forms of Saber!! NoMaches!! (That's spanish haha) 
There's also a native spanishspeaking Sister Missionary here too, and she lived in the USA for 7 years, so she's fluent in both languages. She saidspanish is harder than english. So yeah that's saying something hahaha 

Christmas here was super awesome! 
Everyone here is super family oriented! We visited multiple families, and one family gave me a couple pairs of socks! One of them were shark socks!!! haha it made me so happy! It's the little things in life that make a missionary happy!haha But I did miss being with you guys in California for Christmas! But only one more Christmas to go here in Mexico! 

The mission life is a butt kicker. So much to do, so little time. 
But the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families, and individuals more than any of us can comprehend. That's why I'm here. I gave up two years of being with my family, so Families here can be together forever. I want all of you to know that I know for a fact, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is the church God himself leads and guides today. 
The purpose of our missionary work, isn't to increase our numbers, or increase anything, it's only to help people come unto to Christ. I'm working 16 hour days here every day, for 2 years, without pay. In fact my family and I giving money for me to be here. My family and I are sacrificing a lot for my mission here in mexico. I've given up so much. My whole life actually, so I can teach people about my Savior, and their Savior, Jesus Christ. That's how important this is to me. It not easy being away from all of you. Everyday I think of you guys, and the great times we had. But this is important. I know Christ can and will help everyone. He is your God, and My God. He watches you everyday, and helps you in everything, even when you don't see it. And he can help and bless you even more in your life if you let him. 
I testify of these things with my heart to all of you. 

But it's time to go now, Back to work! talk to you guys next week! 
Hope all of you had a great Christmas, and Happy New years!! 
Love you guys! We're all totally gonna party it up in 22 months!!! 

-Elder Elkins

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