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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 12

Why am I always out of time?? haha 

So funny story last week I forgot to tell you guys!! 
We were over at the House of the Guillame family, who aren't Mormon, are we're just hanging out and talking for a little bit. Teresa gives my comp and I a couple pieces of Chocolate! And being my immature self, I'm like YESSSSS!!! 
And so I proceed to eat one of the pieces, and it was straight up nasty!!! And seeing the look of disgust on my face, and Elder Cornejo's, they tell us the Chocolate has Tequilla.... WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT!!!! I can't eat this!! And it's nasty!!! But I felt like it wouldn't be appropriate at all to spit out a whole mouth full of Chocolate, and tequilla onto the plate in front of me. So yeah I had tequilla for the first time. And never again!! Super feo!!! 
And now you know, always check the lables of chocolate in mexico! haha 

And if you at home are preparing to serve a mission for the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, don't get your needed clothing from Missionary mall! Big rip off. I've been meaning to rant about this for past couple weeks haha 
So I had 2 suits and 4 pairs of pants from missionary mall, and now I'm down to 1 suit, and 1 pair of paints. 
So basically Missionary mall claims their stuff is so durable, it'll last for two years. Lie. 
I have a pair of pants first 5 minutes of walking in the mtc, it ripped. Then I got it sowed before I came to mexico, and first 5 minutes of walking in mexico, it ripped. in two different places. 
the other two pairs ripped after only a couple days of walking. 
And my suit pants ripped cuz I had to climb through a window haha 
yeah I had to climb through a window cuz I forgot the keys to the door of our appartment one day haha  
and the nxt day I forgot the keys again..... ( that's like the 6th time now haha) 
And so I had to climb throught the window again, but this time, I was wearing my cheap pants from Khoals (is that how you spell it?) 
and those pants are perfectly fine, and I wear them every single day now, cuz I don't have much else to wear haha 
sond Missionary Mall says they'll replace everything that rips during the mission, but all their stuff is super cheap stuff that they sell for a lot of money. And they know you won't take their offer to replace your clothes cuz it'll be cheaper and easier just to buy the clothes where you are. 
so yeah, don't buy stuff from missionary mall... 

Another funny story real quick haha well it's more of a song lol 
A Family who are investigating the Church, tuned on a song one day. The only lyrics of that song, repeated over and over again, are Lo Mataron. Whichbeing translated means 'I kill you' haha 
and it was a pretty sounding song, but those are the only lyrics haha 
Mexico is Crazy :P 

So I wish I had a super good Spiritual experience to share this week but the truth is I don't. 
I've discovered this week that I've been assigned toTHE WORST mission in all of Mexico. 
We have the lowest numbers out of all the missions in Mexico. 
We're not here for the numbers, but the numbers represent all the people we're helping here in mexico, and we have the lowest. 
And it's not that the people here don't want our help, it's the "missionaies" here who are the problem. 
People here are so open to the Church here, and they are all super nice! Well most of the time, I've been cussed out for being a greengo haha 
But it's not like the missions in Russia. In the mtc I met missionaries who are going to russia and can't wear their name tags cuz people will assult them if they see that they're missionaries. 
But here people love us and our help. 
There have been multiple times where my comp and I have gone hungry so we could feed people who don't have food. 
But not all the "missionaries" here are here to be missionaries. 
There's a group of mssionaries here who call themselves the Mafia. And the only thing they do is break the commandments of God, and the mission rules, and try not to get caught. But people still see them doing all that crap, and it's destroying all the good work of the real mssionaries here wh are trying to help people... 
I know multiple people here who go to Church, but refuse to have anythig to do witht the missionaries cuz of what they've seen some do. 
The mission President Before president Hall just gave up all hope for this mission. 
And President Hall has been here for a year and half. He's given that whole time for the bad missionaries to get their acts together. But they havent annd now it's judgment day. A ton went home last week, and now a whole bunch more are going home this week. 
Multiple areas are being closed here just cuz there aren't enough missionaries to cover the 12 by 6 mile mission. 
So hopefully we'll get rid of all this crap. Pres. Hall got rid of the Mafia Bosses, and he knows who the new ones are, and they're going home this week. I really hope the good work ngets going soon, cuz I didn't give up 2 years of my life to have all the good things I do here destroyed by disobedient missionaries. If you're going on a mission, you better be obedient, cuz if not, you destroy the kingdom of God here on the earth, and it would be better for everyone and yourself if you never go, if you're not going to be obedient to the commandment s of God. 
So I gotta go now. 
hOpe you guys had a great New years! And have a great week! 
Love you!! 
-Elder Elkins

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