Come unto Him!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 18

Hey Everyone! I have a little bit of time left! I just got back from playing some futbol, and dang the people we were playing with were tough haha but I'm getting a little better :P 

And sorry if I don't get to all your emails today! 

So I got a joke for you guys haha 

So a Crazy Chilean, a short Mexican, and a Tall White Cracker walk past a, Black and racist, dog. Who gets attacked by the racist black dog?? 
The tall white cracker of course. Them black dogs don't like them white crackers hahahaha 

Yeah I can say I've been attacked by a dog now. He was pretty good sized too haha he just ran up and went all football americano on me, almost knocking me down. I don't know why he didn't sink his teeth into my leg, cuz he easily could have shredded my leg haha But I won't complain about him not chewing my leg! After he ran into me, he just was barking and snarling, And I just sat there and starred fear in the face haha Felipe (the short mexican) Ran up and chased the dog a little bit, and then I did too haha but there were people watching the whole thing (probably the dog's owner) And so we didn't want to get after the dog too much, cuz everyone here is super animal rightist.
And I keep seeing that black dog everywhere! It's sitting outside the door of the internet Cafe I'm in right now. 
it's everywhere 0.O 
So yeah that was fun! 

And hope you guys had a good Valentines day!! Cuz mine was the most whackface day ever! 
I'll tell you of one thing that happened haha 
So I teach english classes on saturdays, and one of my Students is a 15 year old girl. She's super good at english, and is pretty much fluent. 
She's been studying english for 10 years now. 
And so after the class she said happy valitines day, and gave me a donut! I was super happy about that! I didn't think it really meant much cuz the people here are pretty generous with food. But after the donut, she gave me a letter.... and in my mind, I'm like ooooooooohhhhhh ccrrrrrrraaaaaaappp. 
And after that she gave my comp a donut, but not a letter. And then I was like ooohhhh hhhhoooolllyyy ccrrrraaaaaapppp. 
We said good by, my comp and I started walking to our house, and I read the letter.... and I was like.... 
NO MACHES!!!!! PORQUE YO!?!?!?! 
I told my comp about the letter and he's like oooooooohhhhhh craaaaaapppp. 
We translated it so he could understand, and then he was like oooooohhhhh hoooooolllllyyyy cccrrraaaappp!
We had to call President Hall, and tell him. I almost got transferred areas, cuz when a girl like a missionary here in mexico, it's a problem. 
President said I could stay here, but if I get a second letter, I'm leaving the next day hahaha 

And girls back at home, don't worry, I'm a missionary. So nothing will happen hahaha 
(But please try not to kill eachother when I get back :P )

The letter pretty much said I'll wait for you. 
And that the spirit I bring can be felt kilometers away. 
and I'm like yeah I'm sure it's not the spirit you're feeling girl haha 
So yeah that was my Valentines! 

Another quick story here is that absolutely no one has Root beer!!!! 
I was in walmart one day eating a hambuger from burger king (which was nasty) 
And there was also a KFC. And in California, KFC is known for their Root Beer, but here it doesn't exist!!!! NNOOO!! 
I asked them, but they didn't know what it was, and eventually the entire staff was at the front counter, trying to figure out what I wanted. But then I saw a tiny list of Sodas that they had, and there wasn't any root beer, so I said oh okay, bye! and sadly walked away with no root beer... 
But apparently they have it in Cualtipec, which is one of the most dangerous areas in the Mission. So yeah I'm hoping I go there, so I can get some root beer! 

and I had planned on sharing a spiritual story with you guys, but I gtg now, so next week! 
Love you all and Keep being awesome! Have a great  week! Love you! 
-Elder Elkins

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 10

Hola Mi amigos!!
So sorry if there are missing letters in this email, I type too fast for his computer haha

 my email time got cut short yesterday cuz we had a district activity. So I'm writting this now!

 I'll tell you a Little more about mexico!!
You all have probably seen the Harry Potter Movie, with the crazy bus driver seen.
That is exactly what the buses here do. No regard for speed, and swerving around cars haha literally!
And the buses here get so full that people literally hang out the doors haha I haven't gotten the chance to do that, but I look forward to that day haha
And when you get off, you have about a 2 second window to do so, before the bus takes off.
I've had to jump once. But I stuck the landing!! I've Heard of other missionaries eating it when they jumped haha that would be funny to watch hahaha

Another thing here I realized, is that the dogs, not the people, are super racist!! haha
Whenever my comp and I walk past dogs that are behind a fence they always want to kill us!!
But I'll stand there and watch that same dog, and whenever a mexican walks by, the dog is totally Chill!! It's literally only my comp and I!! ANd it happens eveyday!!
and the people here let their dogs run free everywhere. And during the middle of Church, and dog came in and said hi haha
totally random, and pretty funny!!

This week, we also had our Ward christmas party! The mexicans here know how to party!
haha we had a musical performance, and then we had like 6 or 7 piñatas!! I was able t whack the last one!! it was super fun!!
I ended up knocking it down, and we couldn't put it back up, so we just dumped it on the ground, and The Bishop here is pretty fun, he ran up and laid down on the Candy to keep it from the pack of wild niños, and so me, Elder Cornejo and a few other hemonos all dog piled on the bishop!! it was super funny! I wish we got it on video haha

So my district activity last night was Christmas Caroling!
We went to a house of a family here, and the mother, and a few of her sons were home, 2 of her sons are pretty Young, probably around 5 or 6.
so we sang to the mother who was standing outside with us, and then we were talking to her, and one of her Young sons jumped out the door completely naked and yelled someting in spanish that I didn't understand. Then he ran back inside  hahahaha I'm still laughing about it :P And the sister missionaries were with us too, and they were a Little  embarrassed when they saw that haha super funny!!

anyways we continued to talk to he Mother, and she stated crying because her father is in the hospital with cáncer. She thanked us a lot helping her feel loved and cared about.
And after her,went when to a Widows home, and sang silent night, she started crying too. And thanked us a lot as well for helping her feel loved, and cared for. She lives alone with her 6 dogs. And was sad because her daughter who was living with her, isn't living with he anymore.
Out of the hundreds of people we could have visited here, God guided us to the 2 who needed it most. I'm grateful that my father in heaven guided us to his daughters who needed it the most.
I also went on splits with My zone Leader Elder Allison this week too.
and went to go meet with a lady who almost got baptized. She had all the lessons, knew the doctrin, and knew that this is God's Church on earth. And the week of her baptism, she just dropped it all, and the missionaries haven't been able to meet with her, for 4 months. But the day I was with Elder Allison, she let us in her house. Allison wispered to me, it was a miracle!! it truly was! we shared the video about Christmas, He is the Gift. (if you haven't seen it go watch it right now!!!) And then at the end, we asked her tp pray.
As soon as she started, she started crying. Her brother has been in the hospital, and she has an broken heart because she is worried about her brother who has serious injuries from a crash.
My fiends, I testify to you that prayer is real, and that God loves each of us, and hears our prayers.
When this sister started praying, I know that God was communicatng to her and that she felt his love. I have felt his love. and he wants all of us to feel his love. It's an amazing thing, and if you truly want to feel it,all you have to do is ask, with real intent, having faith in Christ. God is always watching us, and wants to help and comfort us in all things. All have to do is ask in prayer, and then let him help us. 
And prayer so easy my 3 year od sister can do it.
Just adress our heavenly father, express your feeligs, ad the desires of your Heart, and close in the name of Christ.

it's that easy, and it's real!!
But I gtg now, time to get to work.
have a great week!! Love you guys!!
Merry Christmas!!
-Elder Elkins

Week 11

Man oh man where too begin, this is always the problem of emailing haha

I guess with fútbol! 
Just got back from playing with everyone, and dang there were a ton of people today! haha 
and they were tough too! I barely had any ball time! 
But I did manage to score 2 goals today! And I'm getting better! 
I forgot to tell you guys last week that I scored 3 goals!! Super awesome! 
And I discovered I'm pretty good at stealing the ball. I can never keep it, cuz I'm just not able to control the ball like they do here, (it's insane how good they are at that) 
But I'm able to kick the ball out of their control pretty good! 
I don't think they really like it though cuz I just keep doing ithaha Sometimes I just feel like a crazy dog, chasing the ball,cuz where ever the ball is, I am too haha. And I've notice some of them try to get rid of the ball as soon as they seen me coming haha but its the only thing I'm somewhat good at, so I just stick with it haha 
But today was an off day for in soccer, so I didn't get as many steals, and the people we played with today are super good! Its pretty cool though, there's a community soccer field here, and the teams are just groups of friends who play against other groups of friends. My team is usually missionaries and Members of the church in our area, and the other teams are groups of friends that know each other. But they're all super chill here, no one has every gotten mad, and everyone plays fair! Even when someone gets hurt, no one gets mad like in the professional league haha 
and last week I got hit in the face pretty good, and my vision went blurry for a few moments, but unlike the professional players who are babies about everything, I took it like a man and kept on playing! hahaha 

And another thing I forgot to mention last week was I went on splits with my zone leader Elder Allison, (who is super awesome!! and Possibly the best missionary in the mission) 
I stayed the night over at his apartment, and we taught a few people that night. 
In the morning, we taught another person too! He was super awesome! 
Everything we said made sense to him, and he accepted all of it right away, and wanted to be baptised!!! 
Super awesome dude! Oh and I should mention, that he's a rubber Chicken haha
yeah you read that right, a rubber chicken!! 
It was just practice teaching,cuz esponol is super hard, so Elder Allsion helped me practice teaching in spanish, and so we taught a rubber chicken hahaha 

My teachers in the mtc saidspanish is the easiest language to learn. Sorry Hermano Rios (who gets my emails too) but I don't think that's the case haha
In spanish "to know" is "Saber" 
in english there's just 3 different forms of Know -Know, Knew, and Known. 
But in spanish I counted 34 different forms of Saber!! NoMaches!! (That's spanish haha) 
There's also a native spanishspeaking Sister Missionary here too, and she lived in the USA for 7 years, so she's fluent in both languages. She saidspanish is harder than english. So yeah that's saying something hahaha 

Christmas here was super awesome! 
Everyone here is super family oriented! We visited multiple families, and one family gave me a couple pairs of socks! One of them were shark socks!!! haha it made me so happy! It's the little things in life that make a missionary happy!haha But I did miss being with you guys in California for Christmas! But only one more Christmas to go here in Mexico! 

The mission life is a butt kicker. So much to do, so little time. 
But the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families, and individuals more than any of us can comprehend. That's why I'm here. I gave up two years of being with my family, so Families here can be together forever. I want all of you to know that I know for a fact, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is the church God himself leads and guides today. 
The purpose of our missionary work, isn't to increase our numbers, or increase anything, it's only to help people come unto to Christ. I'm working 16 hour days here every day, for 2 years, without pay. In fact my family and I giving money for me to be here. My family and I are sacrificing a lot for my mission here in mexico. I've given up so much. My whole life actually, so I can teach people about my Savior, and their Savior, Jesus Christ. That's how important this is to me. It not easy being away from all of you. Everyday I think of you guys, and the great times we had. But this is important. I know Christ can and will help everyone. He is your God, and My God. He watches you everyday, and helps you in everything, even when you don't see it. And he can help and bless you even more in your life if you let him. 
I testify of these things with my heart to all of you. 

But it's time to go now, Back to work! talk to you guys next week! 
Hope all of you had a great Christmas, and Happy New years!! 
Love you guys! We're all totally gonna party it up in 22 months!!! 

-Elder Elkins

Week 12

Why am I always out of time?? haha 

So funny story last week I forgot to tell you guys!! 
We were over at the House of the Guillame family, who aren't Mormon, are we're just hanging out and talking for a little bit. Teresa gives my comp and I a couple pieces of Chocolate! And being my immature self, I'm like YESSSSS!!! 
And so I proceed to eat one of the pieces, and it was straight up nasty!!! And seeing the look of disgust on my face, and Elder Cornejo's, they tell us the Chocolate has Tequilla.... WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT!!!! I can't eat this!! And it's nasty!!! But I felt like it wouldn't be appropriate at all to spit out a whole mouth full of Chocolate, and tequilla onto the plate in front of me. So yeah I had tequilla for the first time. And never again!! Super feo!!! 
And now you know, always check the lables of chocolate in mexico! haha 

And if you at home are preparing to serve a mission for the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, don't get your needed clothing from Missionary mall! Big rip off. I've been meaning to rant about this for past couple weeks haha 
So I had 2 suits and 4 pairs of pants from missionary mall, and now I'm down to 1 suit, and 1 pair of paints. 
So basically Missionary mall claims their stuff is so durable, it'll last for two years. Lie. 
I have a pair of pants first 5 minutes of walking in the mtc, it ripped. Then I got it sowed before I came to mexico, and first 5 minutes of walking in mexico, it ripped. in two different places. 
the other two pairs ripped after only a couple days of walking. 
And my suit pants ripped cuz I had to climb through a window haha 
yeah I had to climb through a window cuz I forgot the keys to the door of our appartment one day haha  
and the nxt day I forgot the keys again..... ( that's like the 6th time now haha) 
And so I had to climb throught the window again, but this time, I was wearing my cheap pants from Khoals (is that how you spell it?) 
and those pants are perfectly fine, and I wear them every single day now, cuz I don't have much else to wear haha 
sond Missionary Mall says they'll replace everything that rips during the mission, but all their stuff is super cheap stuff that they sell for a lot of money. And they know you won't take their offer to replace your clothes cuz it'll be cheaper and easier just to buy the clothes where you are. 
so yeah, don't buy stuff from missionary mall... 

Another funny story real quick haha well it's more of a song lol 
A Family who are investigating the Church, tuned on a song one day. The only lyrics of that song, repeated over and over again, are Lo Mataron. Whichbeing translated means 'I kill you' haha 
and it was a pretty sounding song, but those are the only lyrics haha 
Mexico is Crazy :P 

So I wish I had a super good Spiritual experience to share this week but the truth is I don't. 
I've discovered this week that I've been assigned toTHE WORST mission in all of Mexico. 
We have the lowest numbers out of all the missions in Mexico. 
We're not here for the numbers, but the numbers represent all the people we're helping here in mexico, and we have the lowest. 
And it's not that the people here don't want our help, it's the "missionaies" here who are the problem. 
People here are so open to the Church here, and they are all super nice! Well most of the time, I've been cussed out for being a greengo haha 
But it's not like the missions in Russia. In the mtc I met missionaries who are going to russia and can't wear their name tags cuz people will assult them if they see that they're missionaries. 
But here people love us and our help. 
There have been multiple times where my comp and I have gone hungry so we could feed people who don't have food. 
But not all the "missionaries" here are here to be missionaries. 
There's a group of mssionaries here who call themselves the Mafia. And the only thing they do is break the commandments of God, and the mission rules, and try not to get caught. But people still see them doing all that crap, and it's destroying all the good work of the real mssionaries here wh are trying to help people... 
I know multiple people here who go to Church, but refuse to have anythig to do witht the missionaries cuz of what they've seen some do. 
The mission President Before president Hall just gave up all hope for this mission. 
And President Hall has been here for a year and half. He's given that whole time for the bad missionaries to get their acts together. But they havent annd now it's judgment day. A ton went home last week, and now a whole bunch more are going home this week. 
Multiple areas are being closed here just cuz there aren't enough missionaries to cover the 12 by 6 mile mission. 
So hopefully we'll get rid of all this crap. Pres. Hall got rid of the Mafia Bosses, and he knows who the new ones are, and they're going home this week. I really hope the good work ngets going soon, cuz I didn't give up 2 years of my life to have all the good things I do here destroyed by disobedient missionaries. If you're going on a mission, you better be obedient, cuz if not, you destroy the kingdom of God here on the earth, and it would be better for everyone and yourself if you never go, if you're not going to be obedient to the commandment s of God. 
So I gotta go now. 
hOpe you guys had a great New years! And have a great week! 
Love you!! 
-Elder Elkins

Week 13

hola mi amigos!!!
Another interesting week haha
Sorry if I don't get to your email this week. not a whole lot of time haha
I'll start with a quick misión update.
So no one in my zone has been sent home. I'm glad cuz they're all awesome!
But I do know that a ton of missionaries went home all in dishonor. And I wouldn't be surprised if many end up excommunicated, cuz God will not tolerate the wickedness those missionaries were participating in. They were being Hypocrites, and God will not have hypocrites represent his Church.  so yeah, that's harsh, but the reality of it haha
I have my first transfers under my belt now! haha we got a few new missionaries, and two of them are "Rule Nazies" as some people call them haha so we'll see how that goes with the other missionaries in the zone. But they might be what we need here to get things rolling again.
Ate a couple interesting things this week haha
people here eat straight chicken necks, had my first one, and it was prettuy good!
Also had some habanero salsa that was super hot!!  
We got some vids of that, and they're probably up on the blog if you wanna watch them, they're super funny! haha
And also had a sandwhich with Horse meat in it.
(sorry Rachel if that upsets you, I hope we can still be friends)
But yeah it was pretty good too haha
I also discovered that I'm too White to rap hahaha
I got a song from one of the other missionaries, and it's a versión, of I hope they call me on a misión! with a rap chorus haha I had the rap memorized, but I'm too White for it haha
The vid is probably on the blog too lol
Had some Street burgers with my friend  Filipe this week too! They were super good!
But Filipe got sick from them, and I didn't. so I'm hoping that means I just have a natural immunity haha
This week we were also going to the Visiters Center on the temple grounds, With Filipe, and he needed to do a U turn, and ended up hitting a motorcycle haha the guy waas totally fine, so it was super funny! All we hear is a beep beep, and then CRASH! and the guy wasn't mad at all either, unlike in the united states, where they'll sue you for a ton of money haha
The visiters center here is super awesome! And the spirit of God is there, and it's my favorite place to be!
Buty I'm out of time now, so talk to you guys next week!!
Love you all and I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Elkins

Week 14

Hey guys!! 

So I got only 2 1/2 minuites left for emails. 
Sorry if I didn't get back to you. Love you all! I wish I had more time to email, I hate not responding to all of you. but there's a lot of work to be done!! Hope you all had a great week! 
The gospel is true, and I am a missionary for our lord and Savior!! I thought I wopuld let you all know that we just found a new family, and they're super awesome!! Things are going great here! 
Hope all is well with all of you!! And have a great week! Miss you guys!! 
-Elder Elkins 

Week 15

Hey guys! 
So I'm out of time again! But I was finally able to catch up on emails this week!! 
So hopefully you'll get a longer email next week! 
I'll admit there are challenges still here in the mission. Part of me just wants to walk away from it all. But I knew there would be times like this. It's all part of the mission!! And I won't bother telling you guys about the difficulties. 
But I do have some good news!! 
We have one person set for baptism!! He's awesome! He's a young father of a great family! 
And we also have a lesson appointment set with the Mata Martinez Familia! 
I'm planning on extending the baptism invation to them this next visit. cuz The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families in this life and in the life to come! 
Love you all and have a great week! 
-Elder Elkins

Week 16

Hey Guys! Out of time again! But I'll let you know, things went better this week, and we have couple people set for Baptism! So I'm excited for that! 
Hope all is going well! And sorry if I didn't get to your email today! 
Have a great week! Love ya guys! 
-Elder Elkins 

Week 17

Hey Everyone! 
I'm not sure how much time I have here, but I'll write until my comp is done doing computer work. 

So it's been a while since I've written and there have been a few things going on here that are legit! 

So first I'll start with a funny story, a few weeks ago at like 2:00 in the morning, we get a call from Filipe, (A person we've been working with here) 
And he's totally wasted!!! 
This is the Rough translation of mine, and Elder Cornejo
"Elder Cornejo! I'm a bad person! I'm at a party with Babes and tequila! Tell Elder Elkins that you should come! I need a friend!" 
NO MACHES Filipe! hahaha 
Yeah we were both little angry cuz he called at 2 in the morning, and we were tired the next day hahaha but yeah a funny story :P 

I also started teaching english Classes and those are always fun! And now a few people know how I feel haha But they're all fast learners! And it also helps that English is way easier than spanish! 
But I like it! And the classes help with my english! 

And if you don't know already the world is very very small when you're a mormon haha 
One of the Spanish teachers in the MTC is Hermono Wittiker, and it turns out that his Brother Elder Wittiker is here in the mission with me haha 
And There's also an Elder Newcomb here, and I asked him if he had a relative who served his mission in California, and yep! Turns out that his Cousin Who was Elder Newcomb served in the California Roseville mission and was in my area for a while hahaha 
So yeah no matter where you are in the world, you always have some connection with Mormons :P 

I've also Dicovered that it is really fun to translate Movie quotes 
For all you Monte Python and the Holy Grail, fans back at home, here's the quote of the french guy insulting the English haha 
Tu muy poco Cerebro, la persona que hace la limpieza de los traseros de otros personas tu padre fumando ElderBerry, y tu mama fue un hámster!!
My comp says that's all correct grammer and stuff,so feel free to confidently insult people in spanish haha 

And Did I mention how beautiful hevy metal is??? 
So it turns out one of my neighbors loves the Metal group Dragonforce!!! 
And like every other mexican here, he was blasting their music! The Album Heros of our time! 
I'll admit, I almost cried!! It created an emotion in me that I can't describe. 
He's right next door to us, so I could hear it loud and clear. 
I miss music a whole lot... But in 20 1/2 months I can blast some DragonForce! :D :D 

So many of you are asking whats going on in the mission, cuz I've made it very apparent that this mission is scwered up. And it is. But I don't want to waste my time writting about all the problems going on here haha 
This week I'm happy to report things are starting to look up! 
The bad missionaries have been sent home, and there's a new focus on the work here. 
We had a big trainer and trainee meeting this week, and President Hall said That the group that I came in with is going to be the group that changes this mission!! 
Which confirms my thoughts on the whole situation here. 
There's about 24 missionaries in my generation. And my MTC district makes up part of that. 
When I first found out that this mission was a wreck, the thought came to me, This is why God sent my MTC district here. And President Hall confirmed that. 
I know the people in my district and we're here the be obedient to God, and to work, and help people come unto Christ. That is why God sent us here. And President also said that God is ready and wants to bless this mission!! So it looks like things are going to be getting better here soon! 
But it has been a long proccess. Elder Allison who is my District leader came in about a year and a half ago, and that's when President came in too. So Elder Allison's generation was the group that started the change in the mission! And my group is going to keep it going, so I'm excited for that!! 

The past couple weeks, my comp and I have also been blessed greatly! 
A few weeks ago, we found a guy who is almost always drunk haha 
His name is Rafiel, and we kept running into him on the street, we got his address but we couldn't find his house. But we ran into him again, and then he showed us where he lived. 
And so one night my comp and I went on divisions with the members of the church here. I went with a 15 year old kid, who has quite a few problems in life, and my comp went with Benjamen, who is super awesome. 
Anyways Jorge and I went went to visit Rafiel, and it turns out that he has been prepared by God all of his life to recive the Gospel. The entire time Jorge and I were with him, he kept saying, when I'm with you guys, I feel something, I feel something different. When I visit your temple grounds, and your church buildings I feel it, it's my call. I feel my call! 

The Spirit of God was with us so strong! I told him that what he is feeling is the Spirit of God telling him, that there's something here, something for him!! 
He also told me that he has felt empty all of his life, and that everything he has tired didn't fill that void in him. 
So I told him that the message that we have will fill that empty feeling he has in his heart, and that what we have will help him so much in his life!! 

We have an appointment set with him tomorrow, where we're going to teaching about Jesus Christ and His Gospel!! 
All this has been done by the hand of God. We saw him by chance 4 times in the street and talked to him, before we were able to go to his house, and he also speaks perfect english! So I don't have the language barrier, and so I can just teach him, and help him! There's nothing holding us back, Rafiel is ready for Christ, and I'm ready to help him come unto Christ!! 
This is one of God's many mercies, and he loves and wants to bless all of us! 
And I can see that Clearly with Rafiel! 
I know that this is the True work of God here on the Earth, because if it wasn't God wouldn't have sent us to Rafiel. 

And I need to go now, hope all is well back at home! Love you guys! Have a great week, and May God be with you Always! :) 
-Elder Elkins