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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 13

hola mi amigos!!!
Another interesting week haha
Sorry if I don't get to your email this week. not a whole lot of time haha
I'll start with a quick misión update.
So no one in my zone has been sent home. I'm glad cuz they're all awesome!
But I do know that a ton of missionaries went home all in dishonor. And I wouldn't be surprised if many end up excommunicated, cuz God will not tolerate the wickedness those missionaries were participating in. They were being Hypocrites, and God will not have hypocrites represent his Church.  so yeah, that's harsh, but the reality of it haha
I have my first transfers under my belt now! haha we got a few new missionaries, and two of them are "Rule Nazies" as some people call them haha so we'll see how that goes with the other missionaries in the zone. But they might be what we need here to get things rolling again.
Ate a couple interesting things this week haha
people here eat straight chicken necks, had my first one, and it was prettuy good!
Also had some habanero salsa that was super hot!!  
We got some vids of that, and they're probably up on the blog if you wanna watch them, they're super funny! haha
And also had a sandwhich with Horse meat in it.
(sorry Rachel if that upsets you, I hope we can still be friends)
But yeah it was pretty good too haha
I also discovered that I'm too White to rap hahaha
I got a song from one of the other missionaries, and it's a versión, of I hope they call me on a misión! with a rap chorus haha I had the rap memorized, but I'm too White for it haha
The vid is probably on the blog too lol
Had some Street burgers with my friend  Filipe this week too! They were super good!
But Filipe got sick from them, and I didn't. so I'm hoping that means I just have a natural immunity haha
This week we were also going to the Visiters Center on the temple grounds, With Filipe, and he needed to do a U turn, and ended up hitting a motorcycle haha the guy waas totally fine, so it was super funny! All we hear is a beep beep, and then CRASH! and the guy wasn't mad at all either, unlike in the united states, where they'll sue you for a ton of money haha
The visiters center here is super awesome! And the spirit of God is there, and it's my favorite place to be!
Buty I'm out of time now, so talk to you guys next week!!
Love you all and I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Elkins

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