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Friday, November 7, 2014

Week 4

Hola Amigos!

Another great week! 
But kinda the same old stuff! 
But hey! I'm half way done with the MTC! 
 But another district is going to be leaving us next week, including elder Parkinson who is like one of my best freinds here! He's a crazy awesome swing dancer! And we're both having a hard time because we can't show off our crazy swing dancing move here! He's also a crazy awesome improv actor, the best I've ever seen! the past few nights, all the Elders would cram into his dorm and he would put on a show and they are some of the funniest things ever!!! We cry because we laugh so hard, and one elder pretty much threw up haha 

But the spirit of God is here with us, and we are his missionaries! This past week My companion and I had the greatest lesson we've ever had in the MTC! We taught our investigator, Jorge about how families can be together forever and how the gospel blesses families. The spirit was so strong and I was able to speak spanish!! Because God was there with was and the powers of heaven enabled us to teach with ease! It was so great! And Jorge (who is also our spanish teacher) said the lesson was perfect! He was so excited for us! And he said that no one could convince Jorge (his role play) that the Gospel and this church isn't God's here on the Earth! It was amazing! But I can't speak spanish at the moment because I'm not teaching an investigator at the moment. That's the really crazy part!! 
but I gotta go get a hair cut now, because I really need one! 

a couple otro cosas. 

1. I didn't get tackled on my birthday!

2. I was playing soccer, and then got the ball kicked right into my face which went numb, and then right after that I got hit by the ball in the spot that counts, so now I'm scared of soccer balls haha    

3. I almost Got killed by a samoan playing volleyball 

4.I can't wait for mexico!! 

Te Amo! 

-Elder Elkins

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