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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 6

Hey guys!

Another great week here! 
We got the first snow! 
and idk why everything has to be so dang cold! 
So it's snowing out side, and in our classroom, they have the AC going! WHY!? haha 
and the worst part about the cold, is our showers. So basically, They put us in the junkiest building here. Apparently there's rats on the bottom floor. and hot water doesn't exist in my building! It's been getting worse and worse, and finally we can't take showers in the morning without getting hypothermia. and there's like no water pressure in our building either. So you just gotta suffer through the cold water for a good 5 minutes. So we're just taking showers after gym now haha but oh well! the cold water makes for fun memories! and they are remodeling all the buildings here. So our buiding will go under construction, after I leave. 

Yesterday we had our last lesson with our first investigator... it was sad. Love that guy. His name was Jorge! and he's super awesome! But since I'm leaving in a week, we won't be able to meet with him again...
But I litterally just got my flight plans for mexico! I gotta leave the mtc at 3:30 am, and I'll be traveling all day! But it's exciting! But also kinda scary, cuz we also taught someone whos a native spanish speaker. She was from columbia, and we skyped her! But I couldn't understand anything! maybe 5 words... and she was laughing at me the whole time cuz I couldn't say anything in spanish.... 
so mexico should be fun. Oh and We've gotten some emails from a missionary that was in our zone a while ago! So he's been there for like 4 weeks now, but we got an email from him when he was out for only 2. and so in mexico, he hasn't talked to a single person, he's had people yell and throw stuff at him, and he's been chased! 
so Mexico sounds like a crazy place! I'm excited to go there!! haha And Don't worry mom, I'll be fine! The Lord protects his servants! But I'll probably have some crazy awesome stories when I get home! 
There's a lot of work to be done in mexico! The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change people for the better, his atonement can heal any pain, and any damage that has been done. Through him, we can start with clean slates, and be made whole. I know that families can be together forever, and that through the gospel, you can have the greatest peace and joy in this life, and in the eternal life to come! 
The Message we share as missionaries is so important, that despite persecution, and the dangers, we will go and work, so other people can have the same joy and peace that we have. If any of you don't have the atonement, and the gospel in your life, I invite you to search for it, and when you look for God, he will show himself to you, and he will bless you. 

There's not much else new here in the mtc, other than that. The days are still long and hard with lots of work to do here. But it's still a great place to be. I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ! 
I love seeing people that I teach here, become healed, and light and life comes back to their eyes! When we first me My friend Jorge, he didn't have any life in him, there wasn't any light in his eyes. But over the past few weeks, he started to smile, and laugh, there's a light the shine from him now, and it's an amzing thing to see that in someone! 

a few other things

1. I'm now in the oldest district in my zone, and we are getting a few newbies haha 

2. it's still supoer cold

3. Whenever we play soccer in the feild, and a school bus drives by, all the girls scream for us haha mormon girls love the missionaries! :P

4. only like 9 days until I'm in mexico! That's crazy! 

5. Miss you guys! stay strong! 

6. la vida no es facil, pero es simple. 
(life isn't easy, bit it's simple) 

May God be with you all 
-Elder Elkins 

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