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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 7 - Arrival in Mexico

Hey guys! I have like 5 minutes to write this!

My pdays are on Mondays now, cuz Im in mexico! The key boards are a little different here, so there will be some spelling mistakes haha 
well it is crazy here! but it reminds me a lot of sacramento! But there are some differences, the driving is insane, it smells funny, and no one speaks english haha there are a ton of stray dogs here, so thats fun! But the people are pretty nice! I just finish some in field trainning, and then had dinner, at a members home. and it was really good! I love it here! And I got a super awesome companion! Elder Cornejo! He is from santiago Chile! And he is learning english here too, so we help each other out! Well I gotta go now, but I will write more on monday! Have a great night! Love you guys!  

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