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Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 3

So I'm like out of email time so this will probably be short!  But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! It's amazing here at the MTC with so many of God's miracles every day!  One of them is I'm actually able to have conversation's en esponol now! And I'm able to teach our 3 investigators now! It's awesome! But I'm now where near good enough yet! But I'm getting there! Oh and I realized I'm completely fluent in Spanglish, so that counts for something right?? 

 So there have been multiple adventures this week! We went to the Mexican Consulate to get our visas! First we took the MTC bus (which is an old Prison bus) to a train station where we took two trains to get to the consulate just to get a picture taken and two finger scans haha But it definitely was a great time! My whole district and I needed a break from the MTC! But during our travels all of us were harassed by multiple people because we were Mormon. I think someone was even throwing stuff at us. In the middle of Utah! Mormon capitol of the world! So it was kinda surprising to me, and it was my first time ever being persecuted from my religion. makes me wonder what Mexico is gonna be like haha but it was still fun! 

Every PDay we go to the provo temple. and it's way bigger than the Sacramento one!  The temple of God, is the best place to be, I love it there! It's so peaceful, and you can feel the love of God there so strongly! It's the only place where we can get a real break from everything! 

So one of the districts in our zone left this past week, and the whole zone is missing them. they were all great guys and we had tons of fun! Now things seem a little empty without them. But they're all out fulfilling their call to serve! We haven't gotten a new district yet. We should be getting new missionaries next week though! So we're all excited for that! 

 A couple other funny stories, one of the Elder's here is a 6' 4" guy, and he managed to fit himself into elder Parkinson's closet, and me and a few Elder's were hanging out in the hallway when suddenly all we hear is bloody murder screaming hahahahaha we walk in to find Elder Parkinson passed out on the floor laughing, and I almost passed out from laughing haha it was great! 

Another thing, it was another Elder's Birthday a couple days ago, but he didn't tell anyone because he didn't want happy birthday sung to him. (My bday is on Nov 2nd. WOO HOO)  and so we're all out in the hall again playing Peg, with a Hackey Sack (I've discovered I really like playing hackey sack) and we hear that it was this elder's birthday!  We decided to go sing to him, but he was hiding in his dorm with a few other elders and the door was locked. But Finally another Elder who stayed in the same dorm convinced him that he really needed in. And as soon as the door opened, we forced our way in and started singing, But the Elder we were singing to tried running away out the door, so we all tackled him a kept on singing while i was holding him down by the legs haha it was great! so I might get tackled on my Birthday now lol 

a few other things

1. we haven't been caught with the fart bombs yet haha but a member of the Branch presidency regularly checks up with us almost every night now haha 

2. Someone set off the fire alarm again, but this time in the middle of class

3. I'm playing a cello and I forgot how much fun it is! Hopefully I'll be playing in big devotional coming up. 

4. Still not mature :P :P :P

5. Can't wait to get to Mexico.

6. I figured out how to say, "Do you even lift?" in esponol!  ( Tu incluso levantar) 

7. I discovered the greatest discovery in the MTC! You can put a rubber band on a banana and use it to shoot rubber bands! So a real banana gun! It's so awesome! 

8. Love and miss you all! The Gospel is true! 

9. I'm getting pretty swool!! (strong)  I'm doing over 100 pushups a day now, and I can make veins pop out in my shoulders now hahaha it's so cool! 

10. I love getting dear elder letters, and real letters! 

God Be with you until we meet again! 

-Elder Elkins   


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