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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 7

Hola mi amigos!

so another long week here in the mtc! 
But it's my last! And Come monday I'll be in a different country where I won't know what anyone is saying! Awesome right?? hahaha 
I'm super excited to finally get to the mission field and get to know the people, and teach them about Jesus Christ! 
But then I'm scared at the same time haha we Skyped someone from Chile this week! It was cool! But She said something about catholics, families, and a river. That's all I understood, so It'll be interesting when I get there! 
But still super stoked! And It'll be an adventure! I can't wait to get out and finally get to work with people. There's nothing I can say that will scratch the surface on how the Gospel blesses everyone, and how the atonement can heal any pain, and help with any hardship in life. I really don't have much to say about it. It's just amazing, and it's as simple as that. No es facil, pedo es simple! 

So this past week we got about 700 new missionaries in! There's a ton!! But we didn't get a single missionary in our Zone, so after district 18C (my district) and the other one 18B, leave, it's just going to be 6 sister missionaries here! 
So our Zone went from nothing but 40 elders for a few months, so just 6 Sisters haha they're gonna have a fun Priesthood Meeting next week lol 
Nothing much else new here. All the snow melted, so I'm happy, and so are all the island and africa native, missionaries here haha 
It's kinda crazy that this is my ultimo dia de preparacion aqui! And today I've been limping around all day too haha! Last night we were playing soccer in the hallways again, but this time without shoes, and Elder Carreon ended up kicking me right on the bone on the side of my foot, with the ball of his foot! there was a really loud slap, and I could hardly walk because a sharp pain in my foot every time I put weight on it. But Today It's just a little sore, and I'm able to limp around on it with only a little pain. So It's not broken! whoo hoo! And Father like Son right! haha for those of you who don't know, my dad had a severe foot injury after falling 20 feet, so he limped around for a while when recovering haha but my recovery is only gonna take 2 days haha 

A few other things! 

1. I'm getting sooo white here! My tan is like completely gone! Back home when I was a lifeguard, my co workers would say I am black, because I was so tan! 
But now I'm starting to look like a pasty utah boy! NOOOOOOO!! Hopefully Mexico will change that haha 

2. We got our hot water back this week! Of course it had to be the week we leave! 

3. I'm super excited for mexico! I ;leave this monday at 3:30, and I'll get there later that day! 

4. you have no idea how happy it makes an Elder to get mail, and packages! 

5. send me emails! It'll take 6 weeks for letters to get to mexico, and I love getting emails from you guys! 

6. I had a dream about duck hunting with an Elder who also hunts. We had a great hunt haha can't wait to get back out there :P 

7. Every Member a Missionary - Thomas S Monson. 
This week I learned how essential it is for people to have friends help them come unto Christ! 
So go serve Christ and be a friend to someone who is in need! 
and help the missionaries, we can't help others, without the help of you. 

8. If you play an instrument, keep at it! I've discovered here that music is more precious than gold, And I wish I was better, so I could perform a musical number here! But the missionaries that do perform here are amazing and everybody loves it! 

9. Next email you'll get will be from mexico!! 

-Te Amo!! (I think that's how you say that haha) 
-Elder Elkins  

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