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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 24

Hey everyone! 

So this letter is probably gonna be short, but I got some news! I got transferred this week!! 
I'm in a huge area called La Presa, and it's a little dangerous here haha it's right next to cuatepect, which is the most dangerous area in my mission haha 

So staurday we were waiting for the transfer call from opur Zone leaders, and we finally got the callat 9:00, and my comp tells me that I'm leaving!!! I'm like what!?!?!?! Liar! you're leaving! (cuz he has almost 7 months in Ventisca, and I only have 4)  

But sadly it turns out that I was leaving..... I've only been in La presa for a few hours and I already miss the people in Ventisca.. 
I cried a lot, and I cried with my friends in Ventisca... And they cried for me... I didn't want to leave. 
I had some many amazing people that I was working with in Ventisca, and the same night we found out about tranfers, we were with one of my Investigatores, Rafiel, and he was begging me to help him, he said multiple times, help me, help me, come back to my house and help me... 
and then I got moved accross the mission... So I'm super sad about that.. 

But this new area seems to be alright! It's huge, and on the side of the mountain, so I'm gonna be super tired all the time from hiking all day everyday haha it's a good thing I like moutain climbing!!! 
it's also pretty different from ventisca, and a little more crazy haha 

My new companion is Elder Cornejo!!! yep!! I have 2 different companions with the same name!!! haha 
My new comp seems to be super awesome! So I'm looking forward to working with him!! 

but I'm expecting to be robbed at any moment here haha so I'll have some cool experiences lol 

oh and that suprise that I mentioned last week, was we were going to show up for transfers in a limousin when my comp get's transferred!! haha but Elder Cornejo from Chile didn't get transferred, and the limousin turned out to be super expensive haha 

So I'm pretty short on time, But this work is great!! It's hard, and long, but at the same time, it's the best thing I've ever done! 
I'm a missionary Of Jesus Christ, and I have seen the blessing of gospel in my life and in the life of others, and now I'm here helping people come unto christ and helping them receive the blessing God has in store for them! 
Ever day I have to rely on God to help me and guid me, God is Merciful, and he love each one of his Children, and he wants all of us to return to him, and that's why he sent me here. I didn't want to leave ventisca, but I have been called of God to La presa, I don't know why I'm here in this part of the mission, but Faith isn't a perfect knowlege of things, but it's a hope for things which are not seen, but that are true. 

Love all you guys!! hope you have a great week!!!! 
Please continue to write me! I always love hearing from you! 
-Elder Elkins 

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