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Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 22

Hey everyone! 

So another crazy week here! 

I'm not sure where to start haha 

So there was another black dog that tore my leg off again haha but I turned around and chased it off haha what is it with the black dogs here?? lol 

Oh Oh oh!! I found the California's rain!!! It's all here in Mexico! haha we had a super big storm come through this week. Everyone was scared cuz the power was out, trees were falling, there was blinding lighting, that shook the appartment buildings and everything haha I loved it!!! 
My comp said he thought it was the Second Coming of Christ! 
But yeah like no joke, the winds were probably 100 miles and hour. And a ton of trees fell! There are quite a few smashed cars, ever more brken car windows, downed power lines, and destroyed fencing. The place where we play soccer got destroyed pretty good, but people still play there haha 
There have been crews working for the past week to clear all the trees that fell. And they were big ones too haha 
we also lost power for a few hours that night. 
And during the storm a tree limb fell in the road in front of our house, blocking cars from getting through. So my comp and I ran out and moved it. We were out there for less than 20 seconds, and we were completely drenched! haha so yeah that was super fun! 

still haven't gotten another love letter from that girl if you were wondering haha 

and also this week we've been teaching an invesitigator of the church, and all her neighbors know her, including members of the Church. 
One member told us about our investigator. He told us that she practices whitch craft.... yeah I'm serious haha 
It turns out she does some kind of ritual that allows her to be possed by spirits. 
Other missionaries have told me that they've seen that kind of stuff before, but I didn't really expect to find it here. And my comp and I have reason to believe that what our investigator's neighbor told us is true. Last time we met with her, my comp and I both felt like there was something else there.. 
Her name is Anacelia, and she's super nice, and accpets everything we teach her, and she's been to church a few times. So we'll see how this goes haha 

So that chick who likes me, her mom is going to be baptized! we took her to visit the temple grounds, and go through the visiters center, and after that when we asked her what she thought of baptism, and she said that she wants too!!! :D :D 
So the plan is right now that she will be baptized on the 28TH!!! 

We alos have another invesitgator who is Golden!!! She loves everything that we've taught her!!! 
But sadly she is going to spain for the next month so we won't see her for a while. Hopefully she's be able to find the missionaries in spain, and so then they'll be able to teach her!!!! Her name is Itsi, and she's super awesome! she's been all over the world performing in shows as a dancer!!! 
And we've become good friends too! We're definitly gonna party after my mission! haha 

and transfers are the 30th of march! I should get a new comp that day. And we got a big suprise for all the missionaries when we all meet up for tranfers haha but I can't tell you guys right now haha 

Well that's about it for this week. 
Hope everything is going well back at home! Love and miss you guys!! 
I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the true gospel God has given us to help and guid us in this life!! 
Have a great week! Keep being awesome! 
-Elder Elkins

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