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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 20

Hey guys! Another good week! 

This week was insteresting, it had crazy girls, drugs, tears, and the Spirit of God! 

So I guess I'll start off with my situation with the girl who's crazy about me haha 
So she still likes me, but I haven't gotten another love letter from her, but holy crap, her mom is in on it too!!!! 
We had lunch with them one day, and the girl wasn't there, but her mom was, and her mom said, as we were eating, "you have to come back and marry my daughter!" and I'm thinking in my head, holy crap! This lady is crazy! 
These people don't even know me!! I'm like yeah you would freak if you found out that I love to hunt! 
And so I pretented like I didn't understand her, which I did, but most of the time I still can't understand the people here. But My companion, in his bad english, made sure that I understood what she was saying haha thanks a lot!!!!!! 

But we've alos been helping them move houses, so ther next day, we went to go help them, but this time I brought my hunting hat with me, and I talked onlyu about hunting with the girl and shared some bloody hunting stories hahaha she didnt like that :P and later on that day, I showed the girl that likes me, pictures of Rachel ( a good friend of mine) 
And she didn't like that either, so hopefully all that will get her off my back haha but my comp and I decided never to go back to that house again haha 

and it turns out there's another crazy chick here who's after my companion! the first problem we had with her, was she walk up to us in the street and asked my companion for something, that I don't want to write about haha 
but a week later, she found us again, but this time, she full on tired kissing my comp!! hahaha Mexico, is crazy!! 

and yesterday, my comp and I were walking back to our house, after lunch, and we saw like 20 police cars, and 10 motorcycles parked in the street, and we were like what the heck happened??? 
And then I thought it's probably a drug bust. and yep I was right!! 

we continued to walk back to the house, and we walked past a party out in front of a house, and then they start yelling ELDERS ELDERS! Come join us! then a few startede singing a song about the elders, someone was cussinbg us out, and they were all drunk (all that is pretty common here in Mex) haha 
But then we saw like 20 police running towards the party, and then 20 more on the other side, and they were all geared up with assult weapons, and they crashed the party hahaha the pèople in the party were pretty upset! lol 

And so we get back to the house, which was super close to all this, and we told out neighbors. And our neighbor was like, oh yeah there's a drug lord in that house haha 
I've seen a few drug deals here but not a drug bust! haha 

But speaking of drug lords, it turns out one of our investigators ( a person we're teaching) 
was a former drug lord. His name is Rafiel, and he's super funny!!! he's the guy who speaks perfect english! 
But this week we invited him to go to church with us, and he said yes!!! 
and this week was super great because the first sunday of every month, the members of the church have the opportunity to share their testimony on Jesus Christ, and his Church, and Gospel. 
So it's always super spiritual! 
A lot of members stood at the pulpit, and spoke, and I did as well. 
Even though I can't speak spanish, it was one of the most powerful messages, and testimonies I ever shared, and I cried. 
If you know me, you know that I don't cry a whole lot. So I know the spirit was super strong cuz I was crying. 
I talked a little bit about my family, and how much I missed them, and that I sacfriced 2 years with my family to be here, to serve them and the people of mexico. 

And afterwards, I sat back down with rafiel. He said that my testimony touches him. 
and that he wants to read the book of Mormon!!!! 
It truly was an amazing experience!! 

we also brought and Member of the church, who doesn'¡t attend very often cuz she can't walk due to a car accident. And she needs about 5 people to carry her to church. 
But after my testimony, she promised me that she is going to attend church every week now!! Cuz she knew how much it meant for me to leave my family, and she also felt the spirit of God!!! 

Only the spirit of God can change these people the way that they were changed that day!! I know it's because this is the church of Christ, and this is his work!!

Love you all!! and have a great week!!!! 
-Elder Elkins 

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