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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 23

Hey everyone!! another good week here in Mexico! 

I have a few good stories for you guys haha 

Well first off I want to honor a sister missionary here. 
A couple weeks ago I witnessed the death of Hermana Anderson, she was out in the mission for about 1 year, and for that entire year she was sick, and finally President Hall gave the word... 
And so she is reading this right now in her house haha don't worry she only got sent home! When a missionary get into the mission they are born, and their trainer is their father/mother and when a missionary leaves the mission, they die. 
So yeah Hermana Anderson Was the first missionary that I saw die here, and I was pretty sad, she was in my zone for about 3 weeks before she got sent home due to health problems. Which is a huge bummer cuz she was super awesome!!! Always super funny, and made every one laugh super hard! 
And she can sing amazingly!!! 
I consider her a great friend!! And she said she was a, Black lady inside a German Body, with a mexican heart, and a british accent!
hahaha that defines her perfectly!!! 
So yeah we had our last zone meeting with her, and after the goodbyes, while she was walking away We all did the HungerGames sign with the three fingers lol 
it was weird to know that she was going to be back with her family in a few hours! 
It's even more weird to think about when I die in the mission haha 

Also people kinda go crazy in the mission haha 
That same Zone meeting, my Zone leader, Elder Allison was kneeling on top of a chair staring out the window, while rocking back and forth, and whistling, like he lost his mind haha if you imagin it it's pretty funny lol 

alos had some more fun with dogs this week!!! 
We were with Felipe, and he was visiting people with us, and we saw the black dog that doesn't like me and a another dog too haha 

So Felipe grabs a stick and starts running after the dogs waving it around, and so the dogs freak out and run away from him, but then the dogs turn around and start coming after us!! haha then another person runs up and was throwing stuff at the dogs haha so that was fun! 

We also got into trouble with the police here!!! 
So part of my area is right next to the MTC here in mexico, and one night, aftyer we visited a person, we saw missionaries in the houses of the MTC and so I climbe the wall, and my comp climbs a tree, and we called for the missionaries in the MTC and like 10 of them ended up coming out and they were like MISSIONARIES! REAL MISSIONARIES! hahaha 
and so we're talking for a little bit, and guess who shows up! 
THE COPS!!! hahaha 
someone called the cops on us cuz they thought we were doing a robery!! haha 
When I first saw them I thought that we were in huge trouble! Cuz a lot of cops here are currupt! But these two were super cool, and they just asked us not to do that again cuz the people here freak out haha 

We also have a Baptism set for this saturday!! Her name is Silvia, and she's been an investigator for about 2 years! That's super cool! I'm excited for her! Cuz when we make the covanent of Baptism with God, and become his faithful followers, he blesses us more than we can comprehend!! And I know that Silvia and her family will be blessed greatly as she and her family come unto Christ! 
Without this gospel and the guidance and blessing it brings, my life would be so different, and a whole lot worse!! 
I know the gospel is ture, and I know that as we follow our Savior, we will be taken care of in this life and in the life to come! 
I have a lot of friends who are mormon, and friends who are not mormon, but I invite all of you Mormon, and not mormon to partake of the goodness of Christ, become his folowers, and enjoy the countless blessings that come from his loving Mercy. This is my testimony in the Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ Amen

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