Come unto Him!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 9

So I'm out of time as always! But this time cuz we kept losing power here today! Super annoying!!  Sorry if I didn't get to your emails if you sent me one!  And if you sent me a dear elder or a letter, I won't get the mail until tomorrow.

 So a couple things! 

1. Despite the reckless and lawless driving, I Haven't seen a single car accident here! 
(So maybe stop signs and stops lights and speed limits are there to kill us, cuz I've seen multiple deadly car accidents in America).

2. A kid asked me if I dyed my hair, cuz it's a different color from everyone else's.

3. I've just gotten use to not understanding anything.

4. I went with my zone Christmas Caroling, and we sang in front of a movie theater that had its doors open, and inside I could hear the Guitar song Cliffs of Dover, and then after that a song I recognized, but I don't know the name, but that second song was all mostly screeches that are made with harmonics and the whammy.  But man, I tell you what, a guitar has never sounded so beautiful in the history of the world!  Even the song that was straight screeches! It made miss my Ibanez GR 250 with FAT 6 whammy guitar.  Mom you better not sell that! Sell Jacob instead! hahaha just kidding :P or am I?

5. They're getting ready for Christmas here!  They have it in most of the apartment building windows, and they're playing music too; Most of it American.  It's bringing back memories of home at Christmas time.  I miss those days.  But just two more years right? 

6.  Miss you guys a ton, and I miss all my swing dance friends.  You guys are probably gonna have to re-teach me when I get home! 

7. The air here is terrible.  Some days you can't even see the mountains that are just a couple miles away.  This week I started miss the Sierra Mountains.  Those are my favorite place to be. No noise, no trash (which is EVERYWHERE here), actual wildlife, the songs of the birds, clean air, fresh water.  I can just keep going on and on haha.  Dad!! I wanna do the Pacific Crest Trail with you when we get back!  I need to get out of the City! haha 

8. Apparently everyone here is like anti hunting.  I shared one of my hunting stories with a family we were meeting with.  I didn't think it would have been a problem, but I found out later, that people here are anti hunters.  So people kill each other here, like every day. No problem. But if you kill a squirrel it's a really big problem??? Whaaatt? What crazy place is this??? haha I guess it's because the only wildlife here is stray dogs, and people haha.

9. No we didn't have a Thanksgiving here.  But we're gonna have a zone Christmas activity!! 

10. And the Highlight of the week, is yesterday.  My companion and I taught the Restoration of the Gospel!  Even with my broken Spanish, the spirit testified of my words to Teresa and Irvin, and also to me.  It was very strong, and incredible!  Then, after the Account of the Vision of Joseph Smith, I asked if they would follow the example of our savior and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God!  And they said they Would!!! Which is super awesome!! 

And to make it even better, the area I'm in right now is the nicest area, but the hardest for missionary work.  Not a single person has been baptized here in about 3 years and the ward is super small.  So Irvin and Teresa might very well be the first ones in three years!  I'm super stoked for them! Cuz this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it blesses the lives of everyone who partakes of it! 

God be with you until we meet again! 

Love you Guys! 

-Elder Elkins


  1. God bless you Elder Elkins and keep up the good work!

  2. Tell Jonathan that there are hardly any accidents in Ecuador too!! The driving there is crazy but Adrian tells me since it's like that people are more aware and they drive more defensively. Weird, but true!! Hahaha